Valet Pro PH Neutral Snow Foam 1L

Valet Pro PH Neutral Snow Foam 1L

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Product Information

PH Neutral Snow Foam is an outstanding safe pre-wash product. It will remove bugs and traffic film with ease and will deliver and effective and wax safe wash every time.

It can be applied via a foam lance or via a pump spray like a pre wash (TFR or Traffic Film Remover)

Foam lance use is very popular but we only recommend this method if you have a well waxed car. If you have bugs to remove we recommend pre spraying these area prior to foaming. The foaming method is very popular for good reason too. It can be a very quick way to maintain a well looked after car. You will need 25ml to 50ml of Snow Foam per car. Using the foam method through a foam lance will give you a final dilution of 1:400.

Pump Spray is the recommend way for unwaxed or low wax finish. The cleaning power is much more effective when used with a pump sprayer. The dilutions are very good too. Dilute 1:10 up to 1:20 for effective cleaning. To remove bugs we recommend you dilute PH Neutral Snow Foam 1:5 and just spray the Bug affected areas. You can also safely use PH neutral snow foam neat if you feel it's needed.

  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Concentrated for high dilution rates
  • Effective and safe cleaning
  • Removes traffic film
  • PH Neutral
  • Can be used with either Foam lance or Pump Spray

1 Litre Bottle

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