Valet Pro Citrus Pre Wash Snow Foam 1L

Valet Pro Citrus Pre Wash Snow Foam 1L

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Product Information

ValetPRO's new and improved Citrus Pre-Wash removes tough traffic film but doesn't remove your wax or sealant at the same time. Use it prior to shampooing a vehicle to remove dirt such as grit, bugs and bird droppings.

The new formulation means it can also now be used as an all purpose cleaner and is suitable for cleaning interior surfaces such as carpets and vinyl.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pre-wash cleaner with excellent cleaning abilities
  • Will not strip wax or paint sealant
  • Effectively removes road grime, bug squash & bird droppings
  • Use over Supaguard, Diamond Brite or Jewel Ultra finishes
  • Can be used on vinyl interiors & carpets
  • Can be used with a pressure washer or pump sprayer
  • Pleasant orange fragrance

Dilute up to 1:10 in a pump spray. Pressure washer use gives a dilution of around 1:300.

Size: 1 litres

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