Valet Pro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner Alloy Safe 5L

Valet Pro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner Alloy Safe 5L

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Product Information

Bilberry Wheel Cleaner

is an outstanding safe product that is fast becoming the most popular wheel cleaner on the market.

  • Completely acid free
  • Effective on baked on brake dust
  • Pleasant Aroma
  • Dilutions up to 1:10

Safe on most types of wheels except bare alloy or anodised wheels

For heavily soiled wheels Bilberry can be used neat or up to a 1:3 dilution rate you can clean wheels without touching them. It can also be diluted to 1:10 with great results.

Simply spray the wheel cleaner on, allow a few minuets for it to dwell, for heavily soiled areas you can aggregate the wheels with a brush, then rinse thoroughly with a pressure-washer.

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5 Litre Bottle

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