Poorboys Wheel Sealant

Poorboys Wheel Sealant

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Long lasting wheel protection.

Like any good car or bike enthusiast, you wouldnÂt dream of leaving your paint unprotected, but what about your wheels? They encounter all the contaminants that paint does plus brake dust, the worst of them all. It can eat through clear coated wheels and even cast aluminium and chrome if left unattended. You would have to clean your wheels very frequently to keep them brake-dust free, so take the easy way out and coat them with PoorboyÂs Wheel Sealant. This protective coating blocks out brake dust and all other contaminants so you donÂt have to continuously clean your wheels to keep them in great shape.

PoorboyÂs Wheel Sealant applies a clear barrier against dirt, brake dust, tar, bugs, water, and anything else that impacts your wheels. Because these contaminants are unable to penetrate this barrier, pitting and corrosion are prevented and your wheels remain clear and shiny.

Wheel Sealant literally seals out contamination so your wheels are easy to clean. All the dirt and debris sit on top of this barrier so they wipe off with little effort. Even sticky brake dust wipes off the slick wheel surface. Water beads on Wheel Sealant just as it does on protected paint, so water spots are not an issue.

Apply a coat of PoorboyÂs Wheel Sealant to any kind of wheel.

8oz Jar

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