Poorboys Super Swirl Remover Polish SSR3

Poorboys Super Swirl Remover Polish SSR3

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Super Swirl Remover 3 (SSR3) is for the most stubborn swirl marks, scratches, oxidation and overspray. Imperfections cant stand up to this heavy-duty compound. If youve tried everything else on your roughed-up surfaces, maybe its time to give SSR3 a try. Dont let the light brown colour fool you this one has a lot of muscle and must be used with care!

Remove those unflattering swirl marks, signs of oxidation, fine scratches, and overspray with one of Poorboys four strengths of swirl removers. They vary in abrasiveness, but the similarities in the formula are that they contain no wax or silicone, making them safe for body shop usage, and safe for almost any surface.

Poorboys have developed a line of incredibly easy-to-use productsÂeasy enough for the first-time user to experience instant success! Even novices will be shocked at how easy all Poorboys products are to apply, and even more so at the finished product. Theyve been formulated to be foolproof, yet yield professional results! Detailers, perfectionists and enthusiasts everywhere love Poorboys for the effect they produce, as well as the low price!

The other great thing about all Poorboys products are they have been purposely designed for use in the sun! They arent going to dry to an impenetrable film like other products. This is great news for outdoors loversyou can enjoy the sun while you detail your car. Of course, they work just as well in the shade. Apply any of these by hand, but achieve exceptional results, quicker and easier with the help of a polisher like the Meguiars G220, Makita 9227CB etc.

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