Pinnacle Leather and Vinyl Cleaner

Pinnacle Leather and Vinyl Cleaner

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When life's little smears and smudges happen, reach for Pinnacle Leather & Vinyl Cleaner. While it can't wipe away all your problems, it can remove just about any stain from leather and vinyl.

This is a pure cleaner without any silicone oils, petroleum solvents or gloss agents. Water-based surfactants and non-alkaline cleaning agents penetrate deep into every pore to gently lift out dirt, grease and oils. The toughest stains wipe away leaving only a fresh lemon scent.

Leather & Vinyl Cleaner has a pH-neutral rating of 7 to match the pH range of leather itself. Used properly, this cleaner will not grey or stain light colour leathers or cause excessive drying which could lead to premature cracking.

Note: Do not use this cleaner on napped leathers such as suede or glove soft leather. Leather that has become cracked through age or neglect cannot be restored to its original state by any available method.

For Best Results:
- Apply with a damp cloth or sponge.
- Agitate excessively dirty areas with an upholstery brush.
- Do not apply in excessive amounts or allow cleaner to dry on the surface.
- Wipe surface with a dry towel.
- Follow with a vinyl protectant or leather conditioner to protect and enhance the surface.

Size: 16oz (473ml)

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