Meguiars Ultra Finishing Polish #205

Meguiars Ultra Finishing Polish #205

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Meguiar's 205 Ultra Finishing Polish uses advanced technology to produce a deep gloss and rich, swirl-free results.

Meguairs Ultra Finishing Compound can be used to refine the more aggressive compounds such as after Meguiars 105 Ultra-Cut Compound and all other Meguiars compounds. Or used when only light defects or swirls need removing.

  • Permanently removes swirls and light defects
  • Produces rich, deep reflections
  • Smooth buffing feel and fast wipe off
  • Fine compound to refine the more aggressive polishes
  • Safe to use in the paint shop

With a rotary machine work one section at a time. Using a speed of approx 1000-1500 RPM apply the polish to the paint surface and begin working in a 2' x 2' area with overlapping passes. Continue working until a light film remains. Then wipe any residue with a microfibre cloth.

When using a DA machine send the speed to 4-5, Work in a 2' x 2' area with overlapping passes and apply moderate pressure on the initial 2-3 passes followed with light pressure for the following two and very light pressure on the final pass. Then wipe off any residue with a microfibre cloth.

946ml (32oz) Bottle

On Meguiar's scale of 1-10 this is a 4/10 - Light Cutting

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