Meguiars Hi-Tech Yellow Paste Wax #26

Meguiars Hi-Tech Yellow Paste Wax #26

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Yellow Carnauba wax is among the finest grade, combine this with a sophisticated blend of silicones and advanced polymers and you get an incredible wax called #26 High Tech Paste Wax.

Using this wax is like unleashing shine to your paintwork, its that effective. Carnauba is well known for its lustrous shine and gloss, the higher the grade the better the results so with yellow carnauba youre getting the optimum shine. The synthetic ingredients and technology at Meguiars means that you get the best protection and longevity for your paint. Youll enhance the colour and reveal a shine last seen as it rolled out the factory.

#26 High Tech Paste Wax is like the best of both worlds and like all Meguiars products its easy to use.

* Incredible ingredients and technology in one pot.
* Fantastic shine that lasts.
* Deep shine results are easy to achieve with this.

comes with its own FREE plush foam applicator!

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