GTechniq UV Wash Anti Static Shampoo 500ml Bottle Car Boat Van

GTechniq UV Wash Anti Static Shampoo 500ml Bottle Car Boat Van

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Product Information

This is targeted towards marine applications as the product contains an effective UV absorption filter.  But a by product of that ingredient is that it creates a strong positive charge on your vehicle's surface which repels dust (anti-static)
    Maximum gloss retention
    Minimum colour fade
    100% biodegradable
    pH Neutral
    Concentrated formula
    Strong on dirt but kind to wax and polymer coatings

UV-Wash has been specifically formulated to offer maximum gloss retention and minimum colour fade for marine finishes. Not only does the positively charged UV absorbtion filter bond strongly to all types of marine finish, it also offers significant anti-static properties helping to maintain a superb dust free high gloss finish. UV-Wash is 100% biodegradable and contains no bulking agents.  This makes for a significantly more concentrated (can be diluted as much as 1:1,800) shampoo that uses up less valuable storage space on board.

UV-Wash is a pH neutral formula of the finest shampoo raw materials available and not comprised of low quality harsh detergent type ingredients.  This translates into exceptional cleaning ability with the added bonus that it will not strip off any protective coatings applied to your yacht.  UV-Wash is extremely gentle on your skin and will not irritate eyes.

Directions for use
    Shake bottle thoroughly
    Mix up your wash solution using 2 caps per 10L bucket for light dirt and 4 caps for heavy dirt
    Rinse the area to be washed with fresh water to dissolve salt spots
    Whilst the surface is still wet wash using your wash solution and either a  Wash Mitt, microfibre wash pad or soft brush
    Rinse surfaces thoroughly to remove all soap residue
    To avoid hard water spotting remove all surface water using a drying towel or flexible water blade or rinse again with fully softened water

500ml Bottle

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