GTechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish 1000ml Detailing Car Bike Carbon Fibre 1 Litre

GTechniq P1 Nano Composite Polish 1000ml Detailing Car Bike Carbon Fibre 1 Litre

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Product Information

P1 is a very different kind of polish.  Breakthroughs in nano-structured composite materials allowed us to develop an incredibly uniform abrasive particle on the nanoscopic scale.  This allows us to manufacture a polish that requires almost no lubrication, which offers three important advantages.

The first is speed / effort.  With many more active particles working the surface, the polish works faster with less effort than traditional compound abrasives.

Secondly with virtually no lubricant, a P1 finish doesn't suffer "drop back".  This is where the lubricants in a traditional polish hide minor imperfections, typically micro scratches in the polished surface, only for them to be revealed after the lubricants have washed off.  With P1 what you see is what you get.

Finally, temperature.  Or to be more precise, the lack of it.  Smaller active particle size means the surface doesn't heat up nearly as much as with conventional abrasives.  This means much less likelihood of burning through paint and it also means you can make several passes over the same area to remove stubborn scratches, without fear of over polishing.

How do I get the best from this product?
P1 is very versatile.  You can use it by hand, with a random orbital or with a rotary polisher.

You might think that because most hand polishes contain a high percentage of fillers, P1 would be an also-ran if used by hand.  In fact the opposite is true.  Even we didn't expect P1 to be a strong performer when used by hand but when we tested it against products widely regarded as the best hand polishes, P1 showed them the way.  Furthermore because P1 doesn't use fillers your new finish that also used a lot of elbow grease won't deteriorate!

However for fastest and for best results we recommend a rotary (preferably a Makita 9227 CB).  Many beginners fear using a rotary due to horror stories about burning paint.  With P1 you actually have to try pretty hard to burn your paint.  So as long as you are a reasonably "hands on" kind of person you will have no issues with P1 and a rotary.  We recommend using pSystem HotSwap pads in conjunction with P1.  If you are new to detailing you may want to benefit from our pSystem pro kit which comprises 1l of P1, all the pads and backing plate or the pSystem intro kit which comprises 0.5l of P1, the cutting and finishing pads and the backing plate.

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