CarPro Eraser IPA Oil and Polish Cleanser Spray 500ml

CarPro Eraser IPA Oil and Polish Cleanser Spray 500ml

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Put your best finish forward with Eraser. CarPro Eraser is an IPA and sophisticated mix of other Key ingredients.
General all round cleaner.
For Paint, Glass, & the cleaning of Tyres.


  • Eraser is an intense cleaner designed to dissolve oil particles and remove polish residue to prepare the paintwork for Cquartz.
  • Eraser attracts & breaks down polish residue as well as dust. It has the added bonus of cleaning better than an ordinary IPA, due to its patented degreasing formula. Eraser makes it possible for everyone to get the perfectly clean surface prior to the application of Cquartz or anyother last stage protection.
  • An IPA, or isopropyl alcohol and water mixture, are normally used to remove polish residue and fillers from auto paint before a wax or paint sealant are applied. This step allows you to check your work following compounding and it is supposed to ensure a totally clean paint surface on which the LSP (last step product) can bond.
  • However, IPAs lift oil and dust, but these can be redeposit as you wipe the paint. Eraser goes a step further with its intense cleaners that dissolves oils. It also attracts the dust left by compounding.
  • When you wipe down your vehicle with Eraser Intense Oil & Polish Cleanser, you’re removing oils, fillers, and dust completely.
  • Once you apply CQuartz, or your chosen LSP, it will bond better and create an even, long-lasting shine with great protection. It will also give the user peace of mind as to the full quality of the surface prior to application.
  • Eraser also has anti-static components to resist dusting after wiping. The paint will stay dust-free while you’re in the process of applying Cquartz so you don’t have to keep re-cleaning panel by panel.
  • Eraser contains no silicone and is completely safe for use in paint shops and body shops.
  • Plus, Eraser smells great, which is definitely not true of a homemade IPA! CarPro Eraser Intense Oil & Polish Cleanser is the next level to IPA.
  • Prepare your vehicle for the best results with Cquartz by erasing oil and polish residue.
  • Due to Eraser key ingredients & make up. Eraser also makes a fantastic glass cleaner and de greaser. Which leaves a streak free finish, to glass time and time again. With the added benefit of a static free finish. So helping the glass stay cleaner longer.

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