Bilt Hamber Auto Detailing Clay Bar Soft

Bilt Hamber Auto Detailing Clay Bar Soft

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Auto-clay soft is formulated to compliment our existing regular bar. It is designed to be ideally suited to the more frequent user - the softer easy to mould formulation will makes the claying of intricate areas of modern panel folds a cinch, and folding the bar to reveal clean clay is going to make the whole process quicker too. While we would suggest that our original bar is still preferred for the super-smoothing of not previously clayed paint or removing overspray, the soft bar is the perfect more routine compliment, allowing the more regular detailer to keep silky smooth paintwork with the absolute minimum of effort and fuss.

Both of the Bilt-Hamber auto-clay bars are formulated with finely divided low hardness minerals so that the abrasive effect is reduced when compared to other brands. Both still use just water as a lube (so you can now save money by not needing lube for 2 different consistencies of clay) and both continue to rely on their shear effect to remove contamination rather than wearing away the embedded matter. Clay bars that rely on abrasion abrade paint, and yes.. Auto-clay soft is gentler too. Even more user friendly from the pack - beautifully soft and pliable.
* Perfect for more regular work without damage.
* Gentler formulation.
* Still water compatible.
* Still a massive 200g - twice what you get with many other bars!

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