Auto Finesse Tough Coat Paint Spray Sealant 250ml

Auto Finesse Tough Coat Paint Spray Sealant 250ml

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Product Information

Tough Coat paint sealant is a synthetic formula designed to seal and protect automotive paint finishes from UV and acid raid damage and weathering, whilst providing depth and shine and also the the trademark Auto Finesse ease of use.

Directions for use:
1: Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from contaminants
2: Using an applicator sponge apply sparingly to the surface in circular motions without pressure to ensure complete coverage
3: Once cured remove excess with a microfiber cloth
4: If Âpatching occurs, apply a second layer, this will even the coat

Tips from the professionals:
This product is great for sealing wheels, with an intricate design, and will make future cleaning of them a breeze.

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