Auto Finesse Passion Carnauba Wax Pot

Auto Finesse Passion Carnauba Wax Pot

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Passion is the first of our “Pro Series” waxes, it is a blend of pure waxes and oils designed to give the illusion of dripping wet paint. High carnauba wax percentages give it great durability whilst the looks come from the natural oils that are infused. Still following the form of our entire product range, easy to use whilst giving superb results. The passion fruit fragrance makes it a joy to work with.

Directions for use:
1: Ensure bodywork is clean, dry and free from contaminants
2: If necessary treat paintwork prior to application with a paintwork cleanser
3: Apply wax sparingly with a foam wax applicator pad to form an even film
4: Leave to cure for at least 3 hours before layering
5: If necessary rebuff the surface with a fresh, clean microfibre cloth

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