Auto Finesse Lather PH Neutral Shampoo 500ml

Auto Finesse Lather PH Neutral Shampoo 500ml

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Lather car shampoo is a highly concentrated formula designed to be tough on dirt and road grime. Whilst gentle on wax and sealant layers, the ultra lubricated, high foaming action minimises the risk of inflicting fine scratches during the wash stage, where the majority of swirl marks are inflicted. Dilutes up to 2000:1 water solution.

Directions for use:
1: Remove lose dirt from the bodywork by rinsing with water from a hose or pressure washer.
2: Add 2-4 cupfuls of shampoo to a bucket of cold or warm water.
3: Using your wash mitt or detailers sponge, wash the car from top down. We advise adopting the two bucket method, rinsing the mitt in the plain water before taking fresh solution from the second bucket.
4: Once you have washed the whole car, rinse thoroughly with an open end hose and dry.

Tips from the professionals:
Washing your car is in our opinion the most important stage to get right, thats why we recommend the use of a good quality wash mitt & drying towel, along with using the two bucket method to wash the car. It will not only make the wash stages kinder to your paint finish, but also make life a lot easier for you too.

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